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We refuse to be boring!

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Is there a reason why radio imaging for news stations sounds so dull and lifeless? Think about it, the headlines are so manic and rapidly evolving. The stories are attention grabbing and engaging. Yet most imaging for NT stations is …
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Awesome imaging for Rock Radio doesn’t have to be hard. Rock Splat! makes your job (and consequently, your life) easier! Here are a few recent samples from Rock Splat! Available now for download from the Splat! website. Share this:

Spring is in the air, Splat! is on the air!

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From Rock to Urban…Country to CHR, Splat! has you covered.  Music montages?  Check. Artist IDs? Yup.  Listener clips?  Of course!  Intros for your weekend golf show???  Yes, we have your back there, too. Share this:
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Make your music montages come alive! Today’s hit music sounds bigger, better and more beat-tastic when you feature Pop Splat! in your radio imaging.  Check out these beatmix music montages, available now with Pop Splat! Share this:
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  When you’re ready for something that doesn’t sound like everything (and everybody) else, get in the game with Sports Splat! Hmm, if we keep saying how awesome Sports Splat! is, it’s a little like bragging.  But if lots of …
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Radio Imagers and sports teams have a lot in common: always tweaking, always striving to improve…working to get stronger, to be more competitive and ultimately win when & where it counts. (Which is always!)  So we’ve gone back to the …
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Street Splat! has done it again…always raising the bar and shaping the sounds of Urban Radio Imaging.  Sweepers, promos, IDs, artists, listener voices, music beds, production fx – no other radio imaging package comes close.  Demos featured here include samples …
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Happy St. Splatrick’s Day!

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Whether you’re toasting with a Shamrock Shake or a pint of Guinness Stout have a great time and be safe out there! Share this:
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