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Splat! has teamed up with one of Europe’s leading creative forces, Capital of Media, to bring exciting new audio products to North American. Matching artistic vision with innovative production, their imaging work has been featured on some of the biggest radio stations throughout Europe and around the world. Available now exclusively through Splat! Radio Imaging, we’re proud to present:


TRIL: The Radio Imaging Library – TRIL is the first crossover imaging package that’s as diverse as today’s radio playlists. TRIL is a music intensive, multi-format imaging package geared towards Modern AC, CHR and Urban radio. Power packed and updated constantly with song intros, workparts, music beds, drops, fx and more. Check out the demo below and click here to get TRIL for your station.


“TOP 40/CHR Radio is always freshening itself musically. TRIL has the sound you need to blend in…..yet stand out! TRIL is perfect for imaging and programming multiple stations sharing one Brand. It gives you that much needed consistency across the brand!”

-Wade Taylor, Imaging Director CHUM-FM, Toronto


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