• Q. What is smart imaging?

    Smart imaging is targeted, thoughtful and created with purpose.  The messaging respects the audience and is produced with the target demo in mind. At SPLAT! we believe that imaging is a powerful complement to a station's brand and programming, so we produce imaging elements that help radio stations sound great and connect with their audiences.

  • Q. Why do I need an imaging service, can't I just get cheap imaging on the internet?

    Sure, you could do that, but then your imaging would sound like cheap stuff you got on the internet!

    Seriously, whether you decide to go with SPLAT! or another company, an imaging service is a must-have resource for busy production and programming pros. SPLAT! is a huge time saver and allows you to work faster and smarter. We give you unlimited downloads of pre-produced station IDs and promos that you can easily and quickly customize. Plus, we provide tons of other essential imaging elements like production effects, music beds, artist drops and more, so you can spend your valuable time producing rather than hunting all over the internet.

  • Q. Are you another one of those companies out to get my job?

    Rest assured, we'd like to help you keep your job...and your sanity...and your hair.  SPLAT! is not intended as a replacement for an imaging or production director. Rather, it is an essential resource that provides premium content, ideas, inspiration and turn-key imaging solutions for busy time-strapped producers.  Consider SPLAT! your stress-free, secret weapon for awesome imaging.

  • Q. How can I get SPLAT! for my radio station?

    This is an easy one! Just fill out the webform on our site to create a SPLAT! account. We’ll follow up with you by e-mail to confirm that SPLAT! is available in your radio market. You sign on the dotted line so to speak, then you use SPLAT! Pretty simple stuff.

  • Q. Is there a version of SPLAT! available for my radio format?

    Well, that depends on your format. But likely, yes. SPLAT! is an imaging service produced and designed to meet the demands of all types of stations.  SPLAT! is currently available in eight radio formats including CHR, Rock, Urban, Classic Rock, Talk and News Talk, Country, Sports, and AC. So chances are a version of SPLAT! will work for you.

  • Q. I am a current member of the SPLAT! nation, but I’ve forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

    Simple. Click here: Help! I lost my password!

  • Q. Is SPLAT! the best imaging service in radio?


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