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When you're ready for something new, something different, something that doesn't sound like everything're ready for SPLaT! Radio Imaging.

So how can Splat! help you? It's simple: by producing world-class imaging elements that are easy to use and sound great. Splat! helps you optimize your imaging by letting you work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Our focus is to give you the best imaging elements on the market in a quick, dependable and cost effective way. Hey, you’ve spent enough time reading this, you’ve got work to do. Take the next step, Get Splat! and get results!

Splat! is market exclusive and available to commercial radio stations around the globe.

Get Splat! in the United States: Please call Syndication Networks, 800-743-1988 ext 203 or contact here.

Get Splat! in Canada: Please call Orbyt Media, 416-384-2890 or contact here.

Get Splat! everywhere else in the world: Please call Radio Express, +1 818-295-5800 or contact here.

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